Facials Louisville

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When shopping around for a facial it’s important to inquire about the cost, type of facial and how long the facial lasts. This will help you to determine the value you will get from the service you pay for. If you are a regular customer of spa facials, it’s equally important for you to try several providers in your area to determine which type of facial works best on your skin type.

Different Types of Facials.

When looking for a facial in Louisville your choices can be overwhelming. Here is a modest breakdown:

Basic Clean Up – A basic cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing.

Normal Facial – A basic clean, steam and massage routine. The difference between this facial and the basic clean up is that a massage is incorporated.

Special Facials – These facials build on the normal facial by adding special moisturizers and face packs.

Bio Lift Facials – These facials add the ability to rejuvenate lose skin under the eyes as well as dark circles. A bio mask is applied to get the desired effect.

Acne Facials – These treatments begin with enzyme or glycolic acid exfoliation and warm mist. Next, an extensive manual deep pore extraction along with electric disencrustation.  This is usually followed by a anti bacterial masque.

Collagen Facials – A freeze dried collagen sheet is applied at the end of the facial then covered with mineral or paraffin masque for maximum hydrating effect. This facial is very effective in preventing environmental damages as well as wrinkles and dark circles.

Galvanic Facials – Water-soluble nutrients are rapidly absorbed by the skin when a Galvanic device introduces an electrical current into the skin. This type of facial benefits dry skin and improves moisture retention.

As you can see, while shopping for facials in Louisville, your choices are many. Take the time to inquire about all the services your Louisville area spa offers and you will be sure to find the perfect facial for your skin type.